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Allods Online Gameplay Review (free2play 3d fantasy mmorpg)

Allods Online Gameplay Review (Allods Online is a free to play mmorpg)
Allods Online is a free Fantasy MMORPG that takes you into the epic fantasy world Sarnaut. A large selection of different characters from the two warring factions (The Empire and The League) Allods online make it a very good, free MMORPG.
Please visit the official Allods Online Website to create an account for free (and there you can also download the free Allods Online MMORPG Client)

Click here to play Allods Online

Keyfeatures of Allods Online:
- 2 groups
- 6 different breeds
- 28 what is distinguished classes
- Initiates and manages your own astral ship!
- Much talents and great skill tree
- PvP Ranks / Rankingsystem
- Nurse call system (PvP)
- Guild system
- Huge game world
- Group instances (up to 6 players)
- Raid instances (up to 6 players)
- PvE / PvP Raids (up to 24 players)
- Several collective and crafts (crafting-skills)
.. and much more!

Official Allods Online Website with free Allods Online Download:
Click here to play Allods Online

Download and play Allods Online for free

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