Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

*NEW* Generals

Updated with a newer list I found on /mu/. Adds Hospice and Lift yr Skinny Fists to /mu/core and two more in their place.

It's finally here! Special thanks to Bacon and all the other /mu/tants that contributed to this list. Two of these were created to please both sides of the "is-Kanye-/mu/core" argument. So quit bitching.

Here's a FAQ by Bacon regarding the lists:

"Q: Why isn't X Album on there?
A: Because /mu/ didn't want it there, the list above was made up of
countless voting threads and lots of feedback from various /mu/tants.

Q: Why is X Album on there?
A: See above.

Q: Why is stuff like Mars Volta and Converge on Pitchfork-core even
though it got low scores from them?
A: The Pitchfork-core section is actually just what we considered
essential from 1990 til' now. The name is mostly a joke. Also, The
Classics section is pre-90's.

Q: Why is Ken on there?
A: Because. dealwithit.gif

Q: Why does the electronic section lack Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada?
A: They're on the other parts of the list, the electronic section of
this list is mostly just a step deeper into the vast "genre" of
electronic music."

Also, here's an extremely hi-res PNG, for those interested.

SUPER EDIT: Uploaded a new version with SMiLE added as /mu/core.

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